Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Arachnida

Order: Scorpiones

Family: Buthidae

Genus: Leiurus

Species: L. quinquestriatus

Description: Deathstalkers are usually yellow in color. It measures 30–77 millimeters (1.2–3.0 inches) long, with an average of 58 millimeters (2.3 inches). It is considered a highly dangerous species because its venom contains a mixture of powerful neurotoxins. Although a sting from this scorpion is extremely painful, it normally would not kill a healthy adult human. These scorpions should only be owned by the most experienced of arachnid keepers because they tend to be a nervous and aggressive species.

Food Source: Deathstalkers in captivity feed on commercially available crickets. Adults can eat large insects, crickets and mealworms. Babies feed on crickets, pinhead and other small insects.

A deathstalker eating a cricket in captivity.

Habitat: They can be found in desert and scrubland habitats ranging from North Africa to the Middle East. They prefer dry climates and make their homes in natural burrows or under stones.


Reproduction: Their gestation period is from 2 to 5 months. Deathstalkers can produce up to 30 offspring at once. Average lifespan of a deathstalker in the wild is around 5 years.

Interesting Facts:
~Envenomation by the deathstalker is considered a medical emergency because its venom is unusually resistant to treatment and typically requires large doses of antivenom.
~One component of deathstalkers’ venom (peptide chlorotoxin) has shown potential for treating human brain tumors. There has also been evidence that other components of the venom may aid in the regulation of insulin and could be used to treat diabetes.
~Female deathstalkers are larger in size than male deathstalkers to help them accomplish their reproductive tasks.
~Color mutations or adaptations occur often in this species. A deathstalker’s color is based on the region from which it is found. It is one of the reasons why they are very popular among hobbyists.



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